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Educational Visits

The National Space Centre


As Part of the ‘Infinity and Beyond’ topic in the Summer term, Years 5 & 6 went on a trip to The National Space Centre. Children had the opportunity to explore various interactive galleries in order to gain more information about Space. Here are some comments from the children


It was interactive and fun.

It was a memorable experience.

There were lots of interesting facts to read.


Here are some photos of our fun filled day at The National Space Centre.

Twycross Zoo

As part of the ‘My Zoo’ topic in the Spring term, the whole school went on a trip to Twycross Zoo. The children really enjoyed the experience of seeing various animals like the snow leopards, gorillas, elephants, giraffes and learning some interesting facts about different animals.

Keira – I had an enjoyable day out to see nature and lots of animals.

Maks – the giraffes were very tall!

Caelan – I liked the butterfly forest as it was nice and warm and there were lots of colourful butterflies flying around.

Daniyal – I liked how the animals were free to stay inside or go outside if they wanted, such as the monkeys and the snow leopards.

Here are some photos of our exciting day at Twycross Zoo: