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Easter 20

Good morning year 6, I hope all of you are well and keeping busy in this crazy time that seems to be happening across the world right now.I miss you all and have enjoyed the emails i have been sent showing me some of the great work you have been doing and creative things you have been getting up to.
 I have been thinking,  when we look back on this time, we will remember all the things we have done that maybe on any other normal day we wouldn't have; baking, cooking, playing board games with our families, art or making things. These are all special memories that we will all remember.
 To hear the birds so clearly because there are not so many vehicles travelling around. All of the plants and trees  starting to come to life after a long winter. We can see the new life beginning. I have been keeping active by taking Nellie (my dog) out daily for walks and noticing all of these things. So next time you are out, stop and listen and look around.
 I have been doing my yoga daily (no surprise to my class) using youtube and Adrienne yoga site. It's a nice way to break up the day. It has helped me to have a timetable of what I do each day so I don't feel like the hours are dragging by. I have been reading a lot but also downloading books and audio books from a free site called BorrowBox. It is a free app that is run by the library service. As long as you have a library card number and pin you can join for free and download books to read of listen to. 
Here is an idea that I think would be a good thing to do and look back on in the future, a time capsule.
You don't have to download anything you could simply write different things about yourself at this moment in time, even add a picture if you have one. I did one a long time ago when I was on a summer holiday from school. I found it in my mum's attic a few years ago but laughed at my handwriting and what I had written. It was a lovely thing to bring back memories. Here's a list of things you may want to add.
your height
shoe size
hair style
favourite toy, game, object?
pets, names, ages
favourite band, song
favourite film
favourite holiday memory.
These are just some ideas. Put it  somewhere safe and in the future when you find it again,even if it is just next year I can guarantee you will find it interesting to read back on.
well I am back to work now before my dog walk this afternoon. 
Keep safe everyone🙏 and keep those brains working on your home learning packs and apps because I am sure we will all be back to school soon. I miss you all.
🙂 Miss Benson

Hi Year 6!

I hope that you are all well as we are about to begin this quite unusual Easter holiday.

Should you wish to continue some learning, to keep busy at home, take a look at the following ideas:

  • If school had not been closed during the last fortnight, you would have learnt about ratio. And we would have practised using coordinates and translating objects/shapes on grids. Why not try looking at the Twinkl PowerPoints and tasks to learn some of what has been missed?
  • We were going to look at how newspaper reports are written in school. If you would like to learn about this, try the Hamilton Trust lesson (‘English – Exploring Newspaper Reports’). Maybe you could then try writing a newspaper report about the what happened to Jesus? It would show you have a good understanding of the Easter story.
  • If anyone fancies a challenge, take a look at ‘’Easter Maths Problem Solving’.
  • I saw this lovely art idea and wondered if any of you fancied having a go at drawing some of the flowers starting to appear now that it is spring.
  • There are lots of interesting possibilities in the ‘Easter Exploration Tasks’.


Do make the most of time with your family and I hope that you enjoy any chocolate eggs you are lucky to receive!

Miss Jackson