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Easter 20

Easter Monday 13th April

Hello Year 5,


Hope you’re getting on ok, keeping safe and staying home. I miss teaching you but thought I would share some fun activities I’ve been doing with my own children whilst on lockdown.


This morning we made some Rice Krispie cakes using a really simple recipe. All you need is 100g Rice Krispies of Corn Flakes, 100g milk chocolate, 100g softened butter and 4 tbsp of golden syrup. Use the link attached to follow the step by step instructions. Maybe you could melt some of your Easter eggs to use in this recipe?

Look out for my next message where I shall be encouraging you to have a go at some simple origami.


Stay Safe


Mrs Smissen

Hello Year 5!

So we are about to begin the Easter holiday. It is rather different this year.

If you would like to continue some learning to stay busy whilst at home, here are some tasks you might enjoy:

  • If school had not been closed during the last fortnight, you would have learnt about 3D shapes. Why not try looking at the Twinkl PowerPoints and tasks to learn some of what has been missed?
  • We were going to look at how newspaper reports are written in school. If you would like to learn about this, try the Hamilton Trust lesson (‘English – Exploring Newspaper Reports’). Maybe you could then try writing a newspaper report about what happened to Jesus? It would show you have a good understanding of the Easter story.
  • If anyone fancies a challenge, take a look at ‘’Easter Maths Problem Solving’.
  • I saw this lovely art idea and wondered if any of you fancied having a go at drawing some of the flowers starting to appear now that it is spring.
  • There are lots of interesting possibilities in the ‘Easter Exploration Tasks’.

I hope that you enjoy spending time with family at Easter time. And enjoy any chocolate eggs you are lucky to receive!

Miss Jackson