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27th August

Welcome back/New Beginnings

Aim; •  To reflect on what person I want to be this year.

•        To reflect on why we have rules and what they are.

31st August

Experiences of Lockdown

•        To reflect on our experiences of lock down. They are not all the same and that is OK.

7th September

Feelings and how to deal with them
Aims; • To reflect on our feelings of lock down and coming back to school and how we can deal with them.

•        To learn how to look after our mental health.

•        What did people do when they felt certain ways in the bible?

14th September

Bereavement and loss
Aims; • To reflect on how lockdown changed our ‘normal’ lives and it is ok to miss what life was like before.

•        To look forward in to what we can become and what our ‘new normal’ will be like.

21st September

Aims; • To learn how to be a good friend

•        To learn how we can support our friends in tough times and what the bible taught us.

28th September

Aims: • To appreciate that Christians believe Jesus taught us to look after each other

•        To reflect on what we can share to help others

5th October

Aims; • To reflect on our sense of community and how we can rebuild that feeling.

•        To look at how Jesus helped build communities.

12th October

Celebration – Positive outlook
Aims; • To recognise what we have overcome to be back in school.

•        To celebrate the positives in what we have overcome.