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How do we assess how well your child is doing?


So how is your child doing?

At parents evening, you will be told what they were achieving at the end of last academic year, where they are now and whether their progress is satisfactory. If it isn't, you child's teacher will talk to you about  what is being done to support them and how you can help/

You will receive this leaflet at parents' evening:




Termly Assessments ensure we track progress and help us to respond when children haven’t made the expected progress.


There are termly opportunities to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher as we value parental input in children's learning.


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Individual Target Setting

Individual targets are set for reading, writing and maths for the end of each academic year. These are used to set short term targets for children to work towards in each topic. Children are aware of these targets, which are based on their assessments and either displayed in the classroom or stuck into their books.

Children are involved in evaluating whether they have reached these targets and are encouraged to self evaluate their work.


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