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3. Week beg 18th Jan 21

Hello all!


The Year 5 and 6 team feel really pleased that we all learnt quickly in just one week and got together on Google Classroom. With a few phone calls here and there, we have nearly every single child logged on now, most coming to the live lessons and having a go at sending us work. Well done and thank you to parents and carers for all of your support and patience. We know that there are many demands on families during lockdown.


We are continuing to explore this new way of teaching on Google Classroom and will do our very best to make it as accessible and useful as possible. We will not continue to put home learning on the school website now, as everything can be accessed through GC. Let us know if this is a problem.


Please come to the English and Maths lessons in your year group at 9:30 and 11:05. Then switch over to the Year 5/6 Topics group for a lesson at 1:30 Monday-Thursday. Please remember the protocols (rules) we have made clear about the use of ‘chat’ during a lesson.


You will have daily assignments for the three subjects and we will continue to support you in ways to return your completed work.


We are going to set up some optional social ‘Meets’ from next week, where there will be the opportunity to chat and catch up. 


Remember that you can contact the class teacher on the email addresses listed in the CG streams. Do keep checking messages from teachers on the streams.


We will also continue to telephone families to keep in touch (these calls most likely showing as from a withheld/private number as we are using our personal mobile phones).


See you soon,

Miss Jackson