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2. Week beg 11th Jan 21

Hi all in years 5 and 6,

Well, this isn't how we thought we'd be starting the new year but here we are.

This week all the teachers have been working really hard to understand and work on google classrooms, which we were going to be learning and practicing for the next few weeks until 

From this week 11th, we are going to try using google classrooms to be in touch and teach you.  Don't worry though home learning will still be on here if you have trouble with google classrooms to start with. It is all new to us as well as all of you so we will all have to be patient with each other. Poor Mr Chandler is working very hard to sort out all our problems.

I know this probably feels really weird again, like last year but we have done this before and all of you were great so, we can do it again. 

We all miss you and hope that at some point we will all get to see you face to face in classrooms, zoom and hopefully in class. We will be calling you over the next 2 weeks to see how you are getting on

We all want you to stay safe and keep healthy and happy.

Speak to you soon.

Miss Benson

Miss Jackson

Mr Barwell

Mrs Lumsden

Mr Hughes

Mrs Robinson