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2. Week beg 11th Jan 21

Welcome Year 4 to your home learning for this week.

Remember, this week, we have started to use Google Classrooms. All of the resources, the learning grid and the live teaching will be happening on there. 

So try to log in and use Google Classrooms from now on, instead of this website. 

However, the learning grid and resources for this week are available below, should you not be able to access Google Classrooms. 

All being well, we will be having live communication and logical sessions at 9:15am and 10:55am on Google Classrooms. You need to click on the MEET LINK in the year 4 google classroom to access these. (We recommend using the Google Classroom APP if you are using a mobile or tablet).  Please remember we are learning how to use this new on-line learning as well, so please be patient with us and slowly we will learn together and get it right for your learning needs.

Don't worry if you miss these live sessions, as they will be recorded and uploaded to Google Classrooms where you can watch them at another time. 

There will also be live or pre-recorded teaching sessions for you to start your afternoon lessons, on Google Classrooms. 

If you need to contact us, the emails below will allow this. Please be patient if you don't get a reply within that same day, as we will be teaching and preparing work within the school day hours. 

Mrs O'Malley -

Miss Chauhan -

Take care, stay safe and keep on learning. 

Mrs O'Malley and Miss Chauhan