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Animals in Hands 

Spring 2010

As part of the Rainforests topic we were visited by the Animal in Hans workshop. Children learned about the rainforest habitat and the animals that live theire discovering how they protect themselves what they eat and where they live. They also got to handle some of the creatures - including a scorpion a tarantula and a python!

The Lion King  Summer 2010



The performance of Grease was a fantastic success. Here's a short taster, but don't forget to look out for dvds on sale at the summer fair.


HOPE FOR THE GROUNDS Saturday 24th April 2009


Simon Venn, our grounds designer, led a presentation for parents outlining the children's ideas for developing our school grounds.

This weekend they began to be turned into a reality.

On Saturday morning staff, parents and children gave up their time to paint tyres! These will be used to create individual class 'front gardens' and once painted in the class colours and filled with plants will begin to bring our grounds to life.


We were honoured to host the launch of the Special Olympics Education Pack at Hope Hamilton in the first week of term. We were joined by lots of very special visitors: Engelbert Humperdink, the Lord Mayor, children from Ashfield Special School, Netherhall Special School and Kestrel's Field as well as leading sporting personalities, past secial olympic athlets and our very on Catherine Shuttlewood, brother of Callum, who will be taking part.

The event was truly spectacular and our children did themselves proud, not just with their wonderful singing and Bollywood dancing but also with their excellent behaviour and positive attitude.

The event was attended by lots of media and featured on TV, radio and in the local press.

We hope some children will be able to join us in attending the launch on 25th July.


Leicester Mercury article:

Music legend Engelbert Humperdinck went back to the classroom as the countdown to the Special Olympics stepped up a gear.

Enge is one of the patrons of the event taking place in Leicester between July 25 to 31, and yesterday he helped launch a lesson pack for schools so children can learn about the games.

He visited Hope Hamilton CE Primary School, in Hamilton, Leicester, and St Cuthbert's CE Primary School, in Great Glen.

Engelbert addressed a school assembly and said he was looking forward to the games. He said: " I'm happy to be involved.

"I agreed to be a patron some time ago because I was raised in the city and my family live in the city and county, and I'm proud it's a multicultural city.

"We need to support this because it's not funded by the Government. Let's get together to make the Special Olympics a success. The curriculum pack is an excellent way for children to get involved."

The pack includes lesson ideas based on the Special Olympics. It is thought the idea will be developed nationally for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Two city sports stars, Gary Lineker and Martin Johnson, are also patrons of the Special Olympics this year.

Lee Penfold, 27, of Hinckley, will compete as a basketball player. He said: "It's great to have someone of Engelbert's standing at a launch like this and I think the educational pack is a wonderful idea because it gets lots of children involved."

Hope Hamilton pupil Priyesh Mistry, 11, said he was impressed by Enge.

He said: "It was nice meeting people like the mayor. We don't normally have people like that in our school. When you hear about the Special Olympics it gives you a warm feeling, because they have disabilities and yet they achieve so much.

"We shouldn't see them as different, but look up to them."

William Lewis, 11, added: "It's heartwarming to hear that just because people are disabled it doesn't mean they don't compete in a lot of activities.

"We've learnt about Engelbert Humperdinck, too, and how he was a really famous singer and a big hit."

Hope Hamilton have committed themselves to spending half a term studying the Special Olympics curriculum.

Leicester's Lord Mayor, Councillor Manjula Sood, appealed for more funding for the games.

She said: "It's a great opportunity for schools to be part of this legacy for Leicester, and we want to show the world how welcoming Leicester is."




The Romans come to Town

As part of our 'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day' topic we had two real Roman soldiers visit us and show us how to be a Roman soldier.

The topic culminated with an interactive ROman museum set up by the children in the communtiy room. Parents and children came to learn from the exhibits and share what they had been doing.


       FRIDAY 13th MARCH          

You may remember Lisa Kallow, who taught in Key Stage 1 last year. She is now working with City Ministries, a Christian project that supports orphans, the poor, the disabled and widows in  Nigeria.

 Download the presentation on Lisa Kallow's work in Nigeria here.

Lisa is working in a care centre for children, providing education for groups in a village called Gvero. A presentation of her work is in the news section of the website.

You raised nearly £500!

We have sent 3 cameras for Lisa to use with the children. They will share photos with our children so they can learn about each others' lives and get to know one another. We also sent some 'big books' and extra money to provide much needed basic resources such as books and pens for the children to help her in her work.

Thankyou so much for all your hard work. It has made a real difference to these children.

Fashion Show

Thankyou to all those parents - about 150 of you! - who supported the children on their big day.

The children were spectacular on the catwalk and their designs will no doubt find their way to Paris and Milan before long.






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